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Can-Am Defender ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film For Glass Windshields

SKU: C20001GL

Enhance your off-road experience with the peace of mind knowing that your investment in a glass windshield is protected with ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film. Specifically crafted for glass protection, this three-layer, tear-off film delivers unparalleled protection and exceptional resistance, even in the most challenging off-road conditions.


  • ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film
    • Three tear-off layers are included.
    • Premium safety with impact-resistant durability to minimize chips and cracks.
  • Installation Kit (Installation Required)

Compatible with both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and various aftermarket windshields. Please refer to the fitment guide for available models.


Introducing the ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film, innovatively tailored for Can-Am Defender glass windshields. The phrase “scratch resistant” is the industry standard statement used to anticipate scratching of glass. Over time, sand, dirt, and just normal wear and tear will take its toll on your glass. The ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film is designed to endure rigorous off-road adventures and severe work conditions.

Utilizing the latest technology available, our engineers scan each windshield to ensure that our final product cuts are a precise fit for the windshield. This meticulous process provides ultimate protection for your substantial investment in a glass windshield. The precision cuts allow for optimum coverage. Cuts work fine wipers with no fear of sand or grit etching your glass.

ExoTek3™ prepares your Can-Am Defender for any landscape, from the roughest environments to everyday driving routes.

Our protective film applied on glass, promises optimal visual clarity. Once cut to precision, our celebrated Multi-Layer film, trusted by leading global racing teams, is applied to the outer portion of the windshield, providing unparalleled scratch resistance. An additional layer on the inside enhances overall protection, truly guarding your windshield from all directions.

For over two decades, ExoTek3™ has been a reliable partner in major racing circuits worldwide, offering unequaled protection from peel-offs to full windshields. We’re not merely the inventors of this groundbreaking protective film; we’re users too. This firsthand experience enables us to testify to the outstanding quality and durability of our product, underscoring that the ExoTek3™ Multi-Layer Protective Film truly is unmatched. Place your trust in ExoTek3™ and let us protect your Can-Am Defender’s voyages with supreme protection.

  • Rapid Refresh: Reveals a new, clean layer in seconds, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.
  • Daily Use Protection: Shields your windshield from everyday wear and tear.
  • Glass Fragment Mitigation: Polyester film features glass fragment control, ensuring additional safety.
  • Clean Removal: Adhesive stays with the discarded layer, guaranteeing a residue-free windshield upon layer removal.
  • 3-Layer Tear-Off Technology: Offers triple-layered protection, enhancing the durability of your windshield.
  • UV Defense: Provides 99% UV protection, preventing harmful sun rays from deteriorating your windshield.
  • Abrasion Reduction: Minimizes surface scratches and abrasions, maintaining your windshield's pristine condition.
  • Impact Protection: Ensures surface impact defense, safeguarding your windshield against rocks and debris.
  • Industry Compliance: Meets ARA-TR-00-0041.1-3 standards and exceeds DOT requirements for Visible Light Transparency (VLT).
  • Trusted by the Best: Utilized by leading organizations such as NASCAR™, INDYCAR™, Formula 1™, and most major auto and motorcycle racing teams.

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ExoTek3™ offers a warranty for original purchasers, requiring proof of purchase for claims. Post-claim, products must be returned within 30 days upon receiving instructions from an ExoTek3 team member.

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A Guide to Installing Side-By-Side Windshield Protection

Learn how to easily and efficiently install ExoTek3’s Windshield Protection system to fortify your vehicle’s safety. Follow these clear instructions to safeguard your windshield against potential risks and enjoy a worry-free driving experience.

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