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We Are Exotek3™

What does ExoTek3™ stand for? 


A bifunctional exoskeleton that protects the exterior and interior of surfaces


Patented, impact and abrasion reduction polyester film technology


The Ultimate Three-layer Tear-off Protective System

Introducing ExoTek3™: Unleashing the Power of Multi-Layer Tear-Off Protective Technology!

Superior Protection:
Unleash the Power of ExoTek3™

Experience the ultimate multi-layer tear-off film that provides superior protection against environmental elements for windshields and helmet visors.

Uncompromising Durability:
Built to Last, Designed to Perform

Discover ExoTek3™, a long-lasting film that significantly reduces the chance of broken glass, protects against scratches, and extends the life cycle of windshields.

Crystal Clear Visibility:
Clarity in the Harshest Conditions

Enhance your visibility with ExoTek3™, ensuring operators can perform at their best with unmatched clarity and protection in even the most challenging environments.

Unprecedented Windshield Protection Across Industries

Our revolutionary Multi-layer Tear-Off Protective Technology (MTPT) is the ultimate solution for protecting windshields against the diverse challenges of the environment. Engineered to shield against rocks, debris, oils, sand, and other environmental elements, MTPT is designed to preserve and maintain the integrity of your windshield, regardless of the industry you operate in. We have successfully tailored this technology to meet the specific needs of four major industries: Military, RV/Bus, ATV, and Transportation.

Military Industry

Our MTPT technology provides superior windshield protection in the unpredictable military field environment, ensuring optimal visibility and increased operational readiness.

RV / Bus Industry

For the RV and Bus Industry, our MTPT offers unmatched resistance against road hazards, maintaining clear sightlines for safer journeys.

ATV Industry

MTPT shields ATV windshields against rough off-road terrains, ensuring continuous visibility and uncompromised thrill of the ride.

Transportation Industry

In the Transportation Industry, MTPT withstands long-distance and high-speed travel rigors, ensuring drivers maintain optimal visibility for safer and more efficient deliveries.

Do you have specific protection needs not covered here? We’d love to hear from you and tailor our solutions to fit your unique requirements.

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